Blandia V1.0 Full Release! (Finallllly!)

Good Evening Everyone!

Today we officially entered full release! Let me explain what exactly that means!

We have been testing plugins, reliability and configuring spawns, setting up worlds, getting custom worlds and putting the website together!

Full Release means we have finally achieved the stability we want with our latest record being 18 days without a crash, We have configured the experience mostly to how we want it for now to provide a stable day to day playable server! All the plugins we want are installed until later updates down the road bring new features! This does not mean we are done patching bugs or adding new content, this just means we are officially at a place where we can start to recruit players!

We hope you guys enjoy what we have been working on the last month and welcome you to Blandia! Please continue reading for full change logs!

As with all updates please report any issues via the forum, discord or in game with the tickets system.

- All the best BeastedPepper, BailDawg & the Blandia team!

What's New?

+ New global gui admin shop accessed via /shop or /shop (section)

+ New economy plugin accessed via /bank /baltop (features a gui effect)

+ New seasons plugin will make the game more challenging

+ Space is officially open accessed via /station /space or building rockets

+ Creative world is officially open and can be accessed via the portal at the main spawn (not to be confused with the regional world spawn) once there you can do /creative to enter creative and /plot claim to claim a plot!

+Ultimate chairs allows you to make sit table chairs using stairs and carpets!

+Dynmap is up and running on all worlds it needs to be!

+ Main spawn is mostly 75% developed with tweaks and changes coming over time!

+ Horses will become a saddle you can store in inventory if dismounted!

+ Revive me system if you die you can be revived if you have a teammate around!

+ Graves for death for collecting items back

+ Silkspawner plugin and spawners section in adminshop

What's Broken Still ? :(

- Factions Money is not working already submitted to plugin devs

- You may encounter some plugins that you don't have commands for please use /ticket (issue) to report any bugs or missing commands can all be done in game now!

- Spleef still needs some work also submitted to plugin dev aswell

- Admin Shop at spawn needs a new plugin please use /shop for now until @baildawg finishes the building

- Players have lost the ability to make personal shops for the time being looking at other alternatives

ps, if you made it this far we will have some new blog posts once a week again now! I really need you guys to report bugs so we can keep making the server a fun place to be and a reliable place to be! It also means we are going to be finding players much more aggressively

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