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Hello Everyone!

last week we reset the main world, i intended to leave the old world up but it got corrupted while renaming it so that's shit. Good news I copied dennis, 100 and lili's houses over before that happened. More perms are setup and theres some new stuff in the admin shop, the east north west and south outposts are assessable and you can start in the new world now! This will be the world for our full launch so the race for superiorly is now!

This week we look to setup our creative world, spleef arena properly, finish the admin shop and get ready to begin finalizing all our plugins. Once we have done all that we will start prepping for full launch hopefully for NOV 1 2020.

Full launch will entail all perms working, all worlds up and running, server shop up and running, spleef up and running, all teleporters working correctly, everythings stable and server can run without crashing for a week at a time. Once all that and the tutorials are done we can start ramping up our player advertising and trying to attract more players. We can also start our giveaways! We are very excited to almost be ready and to share our vision with you guys!

stay safe this week and see you guys on sunday at 3est for BLSE. Fish's bowl will be cancelled this week on our sat show. Dm on discord if any issues or concerns as always thank you for your support!

- Fish

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